Aspect Sports

Aspect Group is proud to announce the launch of Aspect Sports, a dynamic new vertical dedicated to transforming the sports industry and fostering grassroots talent and innovation. This strategic move marks Aspect Group's entry into the exciting world of sports, adding a new dimension to its portfolio of diverse sectors.

Aspect Sports, the sports division of Aspect Group, is committed to redefining the sports landscape by investing in ventures that promote talent, passion, and innovation, particularly at the grassroots level. With a mission to transform sports at its core, Aspect Sports aims to deliver unforgettable experiences to fans and athletes while making a substantial impact on grassroots sports development in the country.

A significant milestone in Aspect Sports' journey is its recent acquisition of an Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) team - Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's team, Kolkata. ISPL represents a unique format that blends street cricket with the passion of traditional cricket leagues, captivating millions of fans across India. It is India's first-ever tennis ball T10 cricket tournament, set to be played from March 6 to 15 in Mumbai. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is associated both as an esteemed investor and a core committee member of ISPL, adding invaluable expertise to this exciting venture.