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Established as an epitome of excellence, Aspect seamlessly merges tradition with contemporary dynamism.

Established in 2005, with ventures spanning across diverse sectors, the company embodies a perfect blend of time-honored values and forward-thinking innovation. We are a global conglomerate with a footprint that extends to the USA, UK, Singapore and Dubai, establishing a dynamic presence in pivotal markets around the world. At the heart of business and fresh ideas, you'll find Aspect Global Ventures. We touch every corner of the world, championing a wide range of projects. Our presence in diverse industries speaks of our commitment to the future. We’re more than just a large corporation, we are a powerful combination of change, progress, and making a difference.

Our vision

To be a global powerhouse where tradition and innovation unite, building a sustainable, impactful, and visionary future for all stakeholders.

Our mission

To embrace our roots while propelling forward, delivering value through ethical, sustainable, and pioneering solutions, and ensuring Aspect Global Ventures remains a symbol of trust, quality, and progress for generations.

Aksha Kamboj, as the Executive Chairperson of Aspect Group, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, marked by strong managerial acumen and marketing prowess. With a distinguished background in leadership and strategic management, she is poised to steer Aspect Group toward unprecedented success. Her vision is rooted in fostering innovation, driving sustainable growth, and enhancing corporate responsibility. Committed to excellence, she aims to cultivate a culture of collaboration and empowerment within the organization. Aksha's mission is to propel Aspect Group to new heights by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and nurturing talent, while maintaining a strategic focus on expansion, sustainability, and innovative approaches. Under her guidance, Aspect Group is poised to redefine industry standards and achieve remarkable milestones, heralding a future where the exploration of uncharted territories balanced with environmental and social responsibility
Aksha Kamboj
Executive Chairperson of Aspect Group

Managing Director's

Guided by visionaries. Driven by passion. Meet the leaders steering Aspect towards newer horizons.

Sukumar Shetty
Managing Director - Aspect Global & President Operations
Sukumar Shetty, the Managing Director - Aspect Global & President Operations, embodies the spirit of a first-generation entrepreneur, hailing from a humble family background. Armed with over three decades of expertise in operations management and business development after graduating in commerce from Mumbai’s St. Xavier College, Mr. Shetty’s vision for the Aspect Group focuses on elevating the organization to new heights. His commitment lies in optimizing operational efficiency, fortifying financial resilience, and instilling a culture of operational integrity by strategically restructuring financial frameworks and streamlining operational processes. With an unwavering dedication to cultivating fiscal discipline, Shetty positions Aspect Group as an industry frontrunner. His mission centers on sustainable growth, aligning business strategies with robust financial practices for enduring success in a competitive landscape. Sukumar Shetty stands as the architect of Aspect Group’s legacy—a testament to fiscal discipline, operational brilliance, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence shaping the organization’s path forward.
Vipul Mehta
Managing Director - Aspect Bullion
Vipul Mehta is Managing Director & CEO – Aspect Bullion & Refinary. Drawing from a robust academic foundation nurtured at M.G.M. Academy and Lala Lajpat Rai College, he strategically combines his profound fusion of banking expertise and a family heritage steeped in astute business acumen to adeptly navigate his multifaceted role and visionary leadership within the Aspect Group. Meticulously engineering a paradigm shift by deftly infusing cutting-edge technologies, orchestrating meticulously planned strategic product launches, continually amplifying market value, he consistently fosters an environment of innovation and forward-thinking strategies. He has an unwavering dedication to not only revolutionize the Aspect Group’s landscape but also driving the company’s ethos towards sustained success and setting unprecedented industry standards.
Hitesh Keswani
Managing Director - Aspect Hospitality
Hitesh’s journey from his transformative early experiences with brands like Mocha to his current standing as a prominent figure in the hospitality industry is a testament to his visionary approach. He has meticulously curated a portfolio of successful restaurants and entertainment ventures, proudly housing renowned names like Nom Nom, and Radio Bar, and recent standout additions like Opa Kipos. His strategic acumen, coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality, has been the cornerstone of his success, enabling him to navigate the competitive landscape and carve a niche for his ventures with 15+ years of Experience & entrepreneur.
Dipesh Nirupam
Managing Director - Mahadev Realtors
MD of Mahadev Realtors, brings over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector, specializing in Slum Rehabilitation Projects. His expertise lies in advocating for the rights of slum owners and developers, ensuring the best outcomes for all parties involved. With a combination of deep understanding of the dynamics of urban growth, negotiation abilities and legal expertise, Dipesh has constantly produced successful outcomes. His dedication to a holistic approach stands a testament to his commitment to fostering equitable growth and social progress in the realm of slum rehabilitation projects.
Vipul Jain
Managing Director - Ecomix Concrete
Mr. Vipul Jain stands as an exemplary figure, showcasing brilliance across a spectrum of industries over his remarkable three-decade career. With 16 years of honing expertise in Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), his managerial finesse ensured the seamless provision of top-tier materials, pivotal in shaping the urban landscape. His pivot to the pharmaceutical domain for 18 years displayed unparalleled adaptability, where his visionary leadership in product development and distribution positively impacted public health on a significant scale. Beyond his corporate triumphs, Mr. Jain’s commitment to philanthropy, serving as a trustee, underscores his dedication to societal upliftment. His enduring dedication to professional excellence and community impact truly defines him as a beacon of brilliance and inspiration.
Advocate Ragnish Agrawal
Managing Director - Aspect Foundation
As the Managing Director of Aspect Foundation, Advocate Rajneesh Agarwal not only brings a wealth of legal experience but also a rich history of charitable initiatives. His involvement in various initiatives span across education, healthcare, community welfare, livelihood to women upliftment initiatives. Advocate Rajneesh Agarwal is a practicing Lawyer with over 28 years of experience in diverse sectors such as banking, litigation, property transactions, financial transactions, corporate governance, arbitration, mortgages and project documentation and legal research, in both Civil and Criminal Matters. Through his altruistic spirit and his commitment to philanthropy, Advocate Rajneesh is poised to steer Aspect Foundation towards transformative community engagement. His vision for Aspect Foundation encompasses embarking on successful initiatives devoted to nurturing education, advancing healthcare, ensuring access to clean water, championing climate change mitigation, and fostering an inclusive and equitable economy.
Vaishali Lad
Director & President Finance
Vaishali Lad’s journey within Aspect Group is a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to professional excellence, rooted in her humble family background and strong familial priorities. Her vision and mission for Aspect Group revolve around fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and financial stability. She is driven by a desire to continually elevate the company’s financial health and operational efficiency while maintaining compliance with industry standards. Her association with Aspect Group began at the inception of her career, and over the years, she has seamlessly transitioned through various roles from administration to human resources and finally to finance. Each step in her journey has contributed significantly to the organization’s success, showcasing her adaptability, leadership, and meticulous attention to detail. As the Director of Finance Operations, Vaishali remains dedicated to steering the company toward continued growth and stability, serving as an inspirational figure for aspiring professionals and embodying a standard of excellence in the corporate world.
Ashutosh Thakar
Director & President Liasoning
Ashutosh Thakar, Director & President Liasoning emerges as a pivotal figure in Aspect Group’s growth narrative. Graduating from Nagindas Khandwala College with a degree in Commerce, his journey stands as a resolute testament to determination, innovation, and unyielding ambition. Ashutosh’s multifaceted involvement across various Aspect Group ventures signifies his exceptional management acumen and consequential impact within the industry. Notably, Ashutosh’s distinction lies not only in his experience but also in his astute approach to calculated risk-taking, marking him as a notable figure within the organization. His adept liaisoning work for projects underscores his proficiency in navigating bureaucratic complexities and expediting crucial undertakings. With a keen interest in sports, stocks, and spirituality, Ashutosh Thakar’s journey serves as a testament to the adage that passion and perseverance supersede age in achieving resounding success.
Jitendra Kapoor
Director & Vice President Operations
Jitendra Kapoor, in his role as the Director and Vice President of Operations embodies a leadership style that harmonizes technical expertise with adaptability. His vision for the company is centered on pioneering eco-friendly solutions and elevating to unparalleled levels by fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. His leadership ethos is built on cultivating a collaborative environment, empowering the workforce to unite toward shared objectives. His mission is to propel the company’s growth while leaving a positive environmental footprint through innovative practices and a commitment to operational excellence.
Rajesh Chalke
Group CFO & President Business Acquisitions
Rajesh Chalke is the Group CFO and President – Business Acquisitions of Aspect Group. A Chartered Accountant (FCA) with close to three decades of post qualification experience, he is a seasoned financial leader with a track record of steering diverse portfolios. Rajesh brings extensive expertise in profit and cost center operations, financial planning, mergers, acquisitions, and investor relations. Having led the Finance function for NYSE, BSE, and NSE-listed entities, he comes with a stellar experience of handling everything from fundraising to business restructuring. His strategic contributions include managing tax complexities, orchestrating substantial private equity rounds, and significantly boosting market valuation over a decade. With additional certifications including CMA (IMA, USA) and CFE (ACFE, USA), he offers a holistic skill set for financial success. His vision for the company encompasses optimizing cash flows, capital utilization, and fostering international growth. With a commitment to excellence, Rajesh's strategic initiatives align with Aspect's goals, promising financial success through efficient operations, prudent investment planning, and steadfast investor relations. His transformative leadership is set to elevate Aspect's financial trajectory and solidify its position as an industry leader.
Kedar Chapekar
CEO of Aspect Realty
Kedar Chapekar, as the CEO of Aspect Realty has extensive expertise spanning over two decades in civil engineering projects, values a balanced approach that encompasses both professional commitments and family priorities. His vision for Aspect Group revolves around pioneering advancements in rapid construction methodologies for mass housing, aiming to streamline processes and ensure efficiency. Kedar envisions the company’s future marked by sustainable growth, technological advancements, and a commitment to delivering high-quality projects that meet societal needs. His association with Aspect Group demonstrates a strategic alignment to drive the company forward, leveraging his engineering prowess and legal insights. With a focus on innovation and modernization in construction practices, Kedar aims to lead Aspect Group to the next level by introducing cutting-edge methodologies and fostering a culture of excellence within the organization. His mission is to steer the company toward achieving new heights in the civil engineering realm, ultimately contributing positively to society through innovative and efficient construction practices.
Preetpal Singh
CEO Aspect Infrastructure
As a seasoned techno-commercial leader with over 25 years of diverse experience, Preetpal Singh has successfully managed P&L responsibilities across various sectors, including urban development, infrastructure, real estate, and more. His expertise lies in strategic planning, business development, project management, and team leadership. Excelling in roles at reputable companies like LG, Unitech, Reliance Industries, HCC, and Adani, he consistently delivers projects on time and with added value.
Preetpal Singh's educational background includes a civil engineering degree, an MBA in Finance, and a doctorate in Business Administration with a specialization in operations management. With a proven track record of leading teams of over 200 direct and 500 indirect members, he brings a unique blend of analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a go-getter attitude to the table.
Throughout his career, Preetpal Singh has focused on fostering a culture of appreciation, commitment, compassion, and collaboration. Thriving in challenging environments, he is confident in his ability to exceed expectations while upholding his values and beliefs. His dedication to growth, teamwork, and achieving excellence makes him a valuable asset to any organization.
Sandeep Singh
CEO Aspect Hospitality
Seasoned Executive with 22+ years of proven success in leading and growing businesses across diverse sectors, including well-known organizations. Proven ability to thrive in complex and competitive environments. Extensive experience and expertise in Real Estate, Leasing, Sales, Franchising, QSRs, F&B, and Retail.
Demonstrated track record of, Driving operational excellence and financial performance, Leading business expansion initiatives, Building and managing successful franchises, Achieving sales excellence through strategic planning and execution, Executing successful business development initiatives, Managing mergers & acquisitions processes for brands like Taj, Intercontinental Hotels, Pizza Hut, KFC, Carls Jr, Papa John's and IWG, plc.
Consistently delivers improved productivity, profitability, and cost efficiency by leveraging world-class management methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management Professional) to optimize all aspects of business, including Leasing, Operations, Sales, Franchising, Strategy, and M&A.
Darshan Desai
CEO - Aspect Bullion & Refinery
Mr. Darshan Desai brings over 12 years of extensive experience in sales operations, specializing in franchise operations within the bullion industry. He has worked closely with top leaders in the bullion industry, honing his skills in operational excellence and strategic management. Mr. Desai has made significant contributions to the company, demonstrating exceptional commitment and proficiency in his role. His strategic insights and dedication to achieving excellence have been instrumental in driving sales operations and enhancing overall business performance within the bullion sector. His strong leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders have earned him a reputation for delivering results and exceeding expectations. Mr. Desai is a valuable asset to the organization, and his continued contributions are highly valued and appreciated.
Group Executive
Vinayak Harihar Huddar
President - Digital Marketing, Media & PR
Vinayak Harihar Huddar, An Engineering Graduate & seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in Digital marketing, Sales, Brand Acquisition, and Customer Operations, embodies a commitment to innovation and resilience inspired by his family values. His vision for Aspect Group centers on digital expansion and strong brand positioning, drawing from his rich experience with renowned organizations like GTL, BPL, LG, TATA, Airtel, Tikona, Reliance, and B2X. Transitioning from GTL, he honed foundational skills that shaped his relentless pursuit of excellence. His commitment to achieving results and his vision for harnessing the power of emerging technologies quickly set him on a path to success. This early experience provided the foundation for a remarkable career characterized by constant learning and adaptation, He consistently stayed ahead of the curve, devising strategies that connected these industry leaders with their target audiences. Vinayak’s roles at various companies showcased pioneering strategies in customer operations, brand management, and digital marketing, solidifying his leadership in driving brands forward. As an industry leader, his journey exemplifies dedication and visionary leadership, inspiring professionals in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and brand management. Vinayak continues to inspire professionals and businesses to embrace change, adopt innovative strategies, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and brand management.
Uma Kant Bansal
President Procurement
Uma Kant Bansal is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in management and tactical business leadership. With a career spanning over two decades, including significant time in the Middle East, Mr. Bansal excels in man-management and coordination, both internally and externally, to achieve tangible results. He is known for his ability to cultivate productive relationships and strategic alliances, driving business growth and profitability. Mr. Bansal's strong leadership and communication skills, coupled with his expertise in vendor negotiations, problem-solving, and teamwork, make him a valuable asset in any organization.
Dinesh Ladwa
Company Secretary
Dinesh Ladwa a seasoned professional with qualifications in B.Com., L.L.B., and A.C.S., boast over 30 years of extensive experience in Corporate Law and Listing Obligations. His diverse work spans manufacturing, service, and AMC segments, providing a comprehensive understanding of varied industries. At Aspect Group, he takes the helm of ensuring compliance with Corporate Laws and directs the Legal Department’s operations. Dinesh plays a pivotal role in managing Board-level discussions, overseeing their implementation, and meticulously monitoring process timelines.
Key Person
Prakkash Rohira
Corporate & Legal Advisor
Prakkash Rohira, a seasoned lawyer and Founder of Chambers of Prakkash Rohira holds comprehensive experience in various segments of Law Practice, particularly excelling in real estate law. With a proven track record in Bombay High Court and surrounding courts, his expertise spans due diligence, land acquisition, property disputes, and strategic advisory, offering innovative perspectives and solutions beneficial to the Aspect Group.
Satyaprakash Singh
Chartered Accountant, Auditor & Tax Consultant
Satyaprakash Singh, a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Mumbai University graduate in Commerce and LLB, boasts over 15 years of expertise in Audit, Business Advisory, and Tax Compliance across Direct, Indirect, and international taxation, including Transfer Pricing. His career is marked by a comprehensive understanding of financial management strategies and a knack for navigating complex taxation landscapes. His commitment to staying updated with regulatory changes ensures that his strategies and guidance remain comprehensive and effective.
Vivek Mehta
Indirect Tax Consultant
Vivek Mehta, a Chartered Accountant and Indirect Tax Consultant, brings over 15 years of extensive experience in audit, tax advisory, and internal audit within the finance industry, specializing in audits conforming to International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and Indian GAAP/Ind AS, with a diverse clientele spanning manufacturing companies, trusts, broking firms, insurance sectors, NBFCs, and PSU Banks.